1.2 Winter 2017


The Colonizing Gaze in Romaine Fielding’s The Rattlesnake

Jeremy R. Ricketts

. . . the film is a colonizing narrative that uses a controlling gaze to justify the theft of Mexican land and render the Mexican male an object of colonial domination . . .


Evangelical Crises and Everyday Life

Kyle David Byron

He leaned one sign against the side of the stool, “JESUS SAVES,” and placed the other on the opposite side, “Evolution is a LIE, JESUS is LIFE.”  He emptied his backpack behind the portable pulpit . . .


Hipness Left Behind: White Encounters with Hip in the Early Twentieth Century

Sean Cashbaugh

. . . this narrative might obscure earlier encounters between white cultural rebels and the black cultures of resistance that nurtured hipness.


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