2.1 Fall 2017


What Would Miles Davis Do?

Amy Absher

What if we tried to find a different story to tell about police violence and the Civil Rights movement? If we did, we might discover a new way of seeing history and understanding resistance to police brutality.

Nabokov as Ecocritic: The Paradox of the Hyperreal in Lolita

Melissa R. Sande

. . . one may use an ecocritical analysis of Lolita to reveal the direct correlation between the depiction of a decaying landscape and American cultural criticism.

John Brown: Portrait of a Martyr as an Old [Mad]Man

Arun Sood

Flailing devil-horn brows; cross-eyed glare; hook nose; unkempt beard; chiselled cheeks; reckless hair; and hands bound in the darke corners of canvas.

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