Volume 3, 2019


Special Topic Section: On Popular Religion / On Popular Culture

The Place of Popular Religion in Studies of Popular Culture: The Career of Aimee Semple McPherson as a Brief Test Case

Mark Hulsether (The University of Tennessee)

What is the place of popular religion in studies of popular culture? More pointedly, what is the place of hegemonic white popular religion within the sort of popular culture studies valorized in the American Studies movement?

Leanne Payne and Gendered Cannibalism in the Ex-Gay World, 1970-1990

Chris Babits (The University of Texas)

By the mid-1980s, Leanne Payne, a Christian pastoral counselor, was a prominent authority on treating homosexual men and women, even though her methods were not always what clients expected. In counseling sessions, Payne displayed a knack for asking unorthodox questions. One of her favorites was about cannibals.

Focus on Teaching

Learning How to Teach from Mrs. Dalloway

Margaret D. Stetz (The University of Delaware)

. . . I worried about my future as a teacher in the U.S. Clarissa Dalloway became my model, as I watched her both take control and let go—plan ways to bring her guests together and then allow them to be their different and unique selves. She showed me that parties (like courses) were not something that fit a formula, but a form of art.

Contributors’ Notes